Libraries and Amazon

There has been quite a bit of media coverage and speculation about Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited monthly subscription service and how it might affect libraries.

This is not the first service like this. Take a look at Oyster and Scribd. Amazon’s service is the biggest, most well known and it is the company that won’t hesitate to take a loss to establish its presence in the subscription market.

No one organization can compete with Amazon and in the case of libraries, that really isn’t the intent. We are doing what we have always done. We are buying stories and information our communities want and making sure everyone has an opportunity to read them if they wish. Continue reading “Libraries and Amazon”

What’s on my desktop…..?

I’ve decided to embrace what I’ve viewed as a flaw – my desk full of stuff that I feel I must see everyday – to maintain visual contact with, as they say in the surveillance business. And I’m talking both my desktops – the one on my desk and the one on my computer.

I haven’t blogged for a year because I… didn’t want to. Now, I’m going to write about what I think is important for libraries based on what I keep on my desk(s). (Since I went over the dark side and converted to a Mac several months ago, I find I use my desktop much more than I did as a Windows user for 20+ years.) It could be a project or presentation I’m working on, some article, blog post, book or other piece of writing that lit a synapse in my brain that may have been dark for awhile or forever. And that is still one of the coolest and most exciting experiences I can think of. Continue reading “What’s on my desktop…..?”

Let’s Talk: Connecting to our Customers and Providing Value

I’m headed to Houston to present at the Texas Library Association. I’m co-presenting “Designing the Digital Branch: It’s Everyone’s Job” with David Lee King. Presenting with my colleague David is always fun and inspiring. We talk about a model for creating and maintaining a library’s digital presence where everyone has a role to play and has ownership of what is presented to the community and the web world.

As the CEO, I’m always looking for value – value to our customers and community, the return on investment of library resources, and the value to staff as an essential tool for providing service and as a way to have conversations with customers, colleagues and the wider world of readers and library users. Continue reading “Let’s Talk: Connecting to our Customers and Providing Value”