Why We’re Voting for Gina

It has been my privilege to serve on the TSCPL Board of Trustees for the past 5 years and specifically as the Chair for the past year, which has given me the opportunity to witness first hand Gina’s vision, commitment, passion and leadership for our local library. It did not take me long to realize, this same vision, commitment, passion and leadership was not limited to the walls of our library, but could be seen throughout the library community and its organizations. To Gina, the library is not a building but a concept and this concept is ever changing. Gina challenged us as a Board to define the 21st Century Library and the 21st Century Board, a task still in process. Through this challenge, we have not been satisfied with what is, but continually ask what can be? I can state with the utmost confidence, regardless of the outcome, the ALA is very for tunate to have a person of Gina’s integrity, quality and commitment serving this organization.
Dan Guenther; Chair, TSCPL Board of Trustees

Gina runs a great library with imagination, entrepreneuring spirit, discrimination, attention to the technological tradewinds and deep empathy with her patrons. She is also a great colleague who is willing to share insight and very generous when her good ideas are stolen by neighboring libraries.
Crosby Kemper; Director. Kansas City Public Library

I’ve known Gina through ALA since she was a front line librarian in Missouri. She has always been professional, proactive, and productive. I am a school librarian so you might wonder why I am voting for Gina — She’s the image I want projected for ALA! She has energy, she’s lively, she’s interesting! Gina Milsap can think on her feet, something librarians do every day and need to be good at in today’s fast-paced environment. She’s decisive and well-spoken. Gina will represent our association well and be welcomed by press, vendors, and members alike! I urge you to vote for Gina Milsap! Tell your friends!
Erlene Bishop Killeen; District Media Coordinator and Elementary Library Media Specialist

As a recent library school grad working at The Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, I can attest first hand to the amazing leadership and mentoring qualities Gina possesses. When I came to her about starting a book discussion series for at risk youth at the Florence Crittenton facility, she encouraged me to go for it! She believed in my abilities and even came to a discussion. The program went well and I am now in the process of partnering with The Shawnee County Juvenile Detention Center. Her leadership lends vibrancy and excitement to the profession. I am extremely fortunate to have her as a mentor and urge every ALA member to vote for her.
Patty Akrouche ; Outreach Librarian: Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library

I have worked with Gina for the past two years. I have found her to be innovative and thoughtful… a very good combination. I trust that she would serve the ALA membership well as President of that organization.
Jo Budler; State Librarian

Gina is a true visionary and a passionate professional. I’ve known for years that I would get a chance to vote for her for ALA President and now the time has come!
Lynne Carey; Assistant Director, Ames Public Library, Ames, IA

I have known Gina for many years, and have been impressed by her development of skills and knowledge of library leadership. She has a wonderful vision for libraries and librarians of the future, built on partnerships within libraries and their communities. She would make a tremendous ALA president!
Marjorie Malek-Ahmadi; Librarian, Whiteside Elementary, Lubbock, TX

Gina is a committed, enthusiastic librarian who walks the talk! Not only is she a leader in our profession…she’s fun!
Christie Brandau; Former State Librarian

I had the pleasure of meeting Gina through the Leadership and Management track at ALA in 2007. Since that time, she has been a great mentor to me. Gina has the skills, knowledge and forward thinking to lead ALA. She is a strong advocate for libraries and she delivers. I strongly recommend Gina for ALA President.
Bridget Cain-Bushman; Circulation Manager, Beaverton City Library

I am pleased to say I was on the Board at the time Gina was selected to be the new CEO of the TSCPL. Throughout these busy & productive years she has proven time & time again to be an outstanding leader & visionary to lead us into the future & become a 21st century library. Her ability to work professionally & bring out the best in everyone speaks to her incredible leadership skills. She cares. Gina will bring these same skills to the ALA as President. I am proud to endorse her.
Kerry Storey; Trustee, TSCPL

Gina is one of a kind! She is a tremendous leader. She has the perfect blend of strength, compassion, and enthusiasm to move the profession forward. She has the ability to think strategically, and she motivates everyone around her with her genuine personality and vision.
Gary Wasdin; Executive Director, Omaha Public Library

Gina defies the “traditional” image of a librarian. She is a professional intimately involved in development of our Topeka community through the many library resources. Resources include engagement of the library staff expertise, facilities, information for business and community development, and participation in community organizations. She is the co-chair of Heartland Visioning and participates on the Education Steering Committee. Gina sincerely cares about our community and the people and transfers these priorities to any professional and personal commitment.
Eileen Caspers; Coordinator of B/I Training

Gina listens. She really cares what people around her think, believe, feel and value. She can make sense out of what appears to be a confusing amount of information. She has worked toward strategic solutions in our community time and time again. I am honored to be a friend and colleague of hers.
Marsha Sheahan; Vice President Public Relations

Gina is the most qualified library professional I have had the opportunity to know during my 30 year plus career. Gina is not only passionate about her profession; she has become a valued leader in our community. I am confident Gina has the right blend of interpersonal skills and knowledge of strategic planning which will make a difference in the future of one our nation’s most valuable institutions.
Doug Kinsinger; President/CEO, Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce

When Gina was in Iowa she accomplished amazing things — from Chairing the ILA Governmental Affairs Committee where she clearly articulated the needs of multi-type libraries to legislators and kept in constant touch with the Iowa library community on urgent or emerging issues, to her presidency of ILA. Gina is progressive and forward thinking – always planning ahead – always with a positive attitude – and was a role model for many of us; most definitely me. When Gina takes on a task, she becomes immersed and gives more than 100%. I am endorsing Gina because I know she is a leader, has vision, and will translate that vision into reality.
Susan Henricks; Library Director, Carnegie-Stout Public Library, Dubuque, IA

Gina is a leader who makes and inspires strategic, evidence-based decisions to best serve the community. She’ll be a great ALA President and advocate for all kinds of libraries.
Betsy Thompson; Director, Sioux City (Iowa) Public Library

I had the good fortune to work with Gina as follow library directors when she was the Director of the Ames Public Library here in Iowa. Her joy and enthusiasm as librarian and clear vision of our public role have been evident throughout her career. We would all benefit from her leadership as ALA president!
Olivia Madison; Dean of the Library, Iowa State University

I agree with everything my fellow board member and former president of the Friends, Warren Taylor has said. I also wish to say that Gina is a leader who makes you feel that you can do anything. She is strong and fearless in her efforts to make our library a real asset and leader in the community. She combines that with a great love of reading and literacy and inclusion of all our population whether or not they have yet to become our customers. Gina will be a great president.
Linda Hayse; President, Friends of the Topeka shawnee County Public Library

Having worked with Gina on numerous committees and boards in LLAMA, I have seen first hand her vision and leadership. She is the perfect candidate for ALA President.
Mary Frances Burns; Director

This past year Gina was a mentor for our Friends’ group as we reorganized our business plan. Her assistance was invaluable, enabling us to form a better picture of our future with regard to assisting the library through our financial endevors. Gina is a tremendous asset for our library, and I am proud to support her in this campaign for ALA president.
Warren Taylor; Board member, Friends of the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library

Gina is a great leader and an inspiration to me. She taught me the meaning and value of bold mission and vision statements. These are important things that we need to accomplish our best work, both in the day to day and looking towards the future. I believe she can lend that clarity of thought and purpose to ALA. She also knows how to light a fire under your butt and get things done. We need that now more than ever. Vote Gina J. Millsap for ALA President!
Brad Allen; Branch Manager, Everett (Wash.) Public Library

This past year Gina was a mentor for our Friends’ group as we reorganized our business plan. Her assistance was invaluable, enabling us to form a better picture of our future with regard to assisting the library through our financial endevors. Gina is a tremendous asset for our library, and I am proud to support her in this campaign for ALA president.
Warren Taylor; Board member, Friends of the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library

Gina is my children’s Grandmother, or as we call her Nana. We know first-hand that she practices what she preaches about early literacy and the importance of reading to children. She has been a true role model to Austin and Allison and a major contributor to their love of books!
Randi Millsap; Mother

When Gina talks about great libraries reflecting the best in a community, I can tell you she is a master at reflecting that greatness – both of the library and the community. She’s always upbeat no matter what the issue. Her multifaceted talents continue to amaze me! I’m proud to endorse Gina for ALA President.

Melissa Masoner; Trustee, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

Gina and I worked together closely during the year that she was president of LLAMA and I was president elect. I had a great vantage point from which to observe her leadership style as well as her values and convictions. Gina is a person with great energy and enthusiasm for libraries and the library profession. She is creative and forward thinking; an activist and a “doer.” Gina is a consensus builder with confidence and courage to pursue lofty goals. I heartily endorse her for ALA president!
Gail Kennedy; Arts & Outreach Librarian, University of Kentucky

Gina mentored me as I completed my MLS and worked at Topeka Shawnee County Public Library. I now have a great job at a great library thanks in no small part to what I learned from Gina. My discussions with her taught me what the public library really means to a community. She is the embodiment of the professional librarian.
Deborah Krauth; Business Librarian Pueblo City-County Library

Gina is an exceptional asset to all of us at The Library Foundation as we continue to find success in fundraising to support our library. Our donors are delighted to meet Gina and experience her sincere warmth, passion, and energy as our library’s CEO. Gina understands the intracacies and nuances of asking for charitable gifts and she obviously enjoys the process. Gina is a natural for fundraising. She gets it . . . the importance of relationship-building for the long haul. And everything I have read on this page about Gina is absolutely TRUE! Gina would be an extraordinary ALA President and members would be exceedingly fortunate to have her at the top of their organization.
Kathy Groesbeck; Executive Director, The Library Foundation at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

I’ve known Gina from her first years in library work. Even then she was the most enthusiastic person of my experience. She brought people to the table with fun and good will. She honored all staff talents, developing programs around them no matter their position in the library. She met challenges by training herself, then showing others. She is a coalition builder, a tireless worker, a great spokesperson and just darn good fun to be around!
Marilyn Hinshaw; Retired lib.sys. director

Having worked at the Topeka & Shawnee County for 30 year, under several Directors I can, without reservation, endorse Gina for ALA President. SHe has shone time and time again, that she cares for her staff. She advocates for our funds and services, supports our programming, training, and development. With Gina’s guidance, we created a staff-initiated Fun Committee, to encourage rapport and camaraderie. We have staff cookouts, fun contests (like a March Madness winner guessing contest), and special events during National Library Week. I fully support Gina for ALA President
Jeff Imparato; Public Services Librarian

I encourage you to vote for Gina Millsap. I had the good fortune to work with Gina at one of the nation’s most progressive public libraries, the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library. Gina is an outstanding library leader, smart, has a sense of humor, and a great listener while understanding the many challenges libraries currently face.
Jeff Dawson; Director, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

It may sound cliche, but Gina is a born leader. She is just the person you want in a crisis – fast on her feet, articulate, strategic and ready with a good solution. Her poise and presence make her ideal to represent our profession in every venue. Don’t miss this opportunity!
Robert Newlen; Assistant Law Librarian

I worked closely with Gina when she was president of the Iowa Library Association, and have long admired her brains, vision, energy, and leadership skills. She is really good at telling the library story, and would be an exceptional advocate for librarians and libraries as ALA President.
Mary Wegner; State Librarian, Iowa

I’ve worked on several committees and task forces with her. I’m in my 46th year as an ALA member and have met few who are Gina’s equal. She an exceptionally strong leader: bright, energetic, committed, effective, and a solid supporter of public libraries. She approaches every issue with perceptive understanding and well-reasoned solutions.
Hans Fischer; Library Architect

Gina is a great role model. She has accomplished amazing things in her library, and challenges librarians across Kansas to do amazing things. As others have indicated, she is inspiring and motivational. One of our city commissioner’s heard her speak at a statewide meeting, and came back absolutely glowing about the possibilities, and excited about being involved with the library. She is completely professional. She is gracious, kind, and giving. I aspire to be more like her as a manager each day.
Dalene McDonald; Director at Arkansas City Public Library

Gina has the guts to make tough decisions and the heart to always balance those decisions against the greater good. I trust her judgment and respect her opinions. She is exactly who I want representing me, and the profession, as ALA President.
Mickey Coalwell; VP, Kansas Library Association

Gina challenges me to be a better librarian, every single day. What more could anyone want in a CEO? She helps me see the possibilities of what it can mean to “be a librarian.” She is inspiring. She is motivational. But mostly, she is an amazing leader. After seeing her work here in Topeka, Kansas, I can’t wait to see her vision for our professional organization. It’s an exciting time to be working in libraries, and Gina Millsap is leading the positive change.
Lissa Staley; Book Evangelist, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

I have worked Gina on library training programs, where her vision and knowledge have won the loyalty of her students. But I am also a very heavy user of Gina’s library. Her vision results in wonderful collections, resources, programs, customer service and marketing.
Shannon Roy; Continuing Education Coordinator

I am pleased and proud to endorse Gina for ALA President. Gina has a vision for our profession and our libraries that is inclusive and collaborative. She is one of the most creative thinkers I know and is able to move ideas into action.
Lori Goetsch; Dean, Kansas State University Libraries

Gina’s brilliant. She gets it. She sees things clearly. She cuts through the clutter. She gets to the heart of things. She’s a leader. She’s gracious. She’s diplomatic. She thinks outside of the box. She’s truly the best ALA has to offer.
Marc Futterman; President/CEO, CIVICTechnologies

I work in the office next to Gina’s and have the privilege to work with her daily. She makes me a better Librarian and a better administrator through her leadership and mentoring. She has transformed the way we work at this library. We accomplish outstanding things through a group effort. She includes everyone in the process and holds us to high standards. Watching her do this, I am confident she is exactly the person we need leading ALA. She has the vision to carry us forward. In addition, we laugh every day; a vital part of achieving our goals.
Rob Banks; Chief Operating Officer for the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

Gina has proven to be a leader who is insightful, thoughtful, compassionate and focused. She operates with grace and humor and is not afraid of challenges. Perfect qualifications for the leadership of ALA.
David Monical; Library Trustee, retired University Administrator, ALA member

Gina is the visionary and energetic leader that libraries need during this transformational time in our profession.
Lorraine Haricombe;  Dean, University of Kansas Libraries

Gina is an outstanding mentor and colleague who as a forward thinking Librarian understands how we create valuable libraries for the 21st century. Put simply, Gina is the type of leader I hope to become.
Alan Bearman; Dean of University Libraries, Washburn University

I am endorsing Gina because of her belief in books and libraries as one of the important ways we extend education in our community.
Bob Harder; TSCPL Trustee

Gina is an outstanding librarian, a leader with unusual sensitivity, and a professional in all respects. And she’s great to work with.
Duane Johnson; Library Trustee, retired State Librarian, ALA member

Gina is great to work with, and I consider her a mentor, too. She’d make a great ALA President!
David Lee King; Digital Branch & Services Manager for The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library


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