Here’s a fun video that I hope you’ll share with your friends and colleagues. In David Letterman fashion, I’ve crafted the top 10 Reasons You Should Vote for Me. It’s a bit lighthearted, but let me assure you I’m serious about libraries.

Please watch, comment, and share … and make sure to vote.

No. 10 – I know what almost all the ALA acronyms stand for, including ALA.

No. 9 – I have 35+ years of experience in libraries, 16 as a public library director and community leader, working with all types of libraries and organizations.

No. 8 – I am the Nancy Pearl of vampire fiction.  I know books about the undead.

No. 7 – I’m a leader – President of LLAMA; President of the Iowa Library Association; Chair, Governmental Affairs Committee, Iowa Library Association; Library Renewal, board member

No. 6 – I’m tech-savvy and am mistress of my own domain

No. 5 – I’ve been in the trenches, advocating for and defending intellectual freedom.  (Ask me about my library’s 2009 book challenge .)

No. 4 – I know how to accessorize.  I’d look really good on the Today Show announcing the Caldecott and Newbery Award winners.

No. 3 – I’m a working librarian, still serving customers at the desk.  I practice and promote our values and our value every day.

No. 2 – I’m an experienced facilitator.  I’m currently co-chairing the visioning process for my community.

No. 1 – I will help ALA make a real difference for our profession and members by focusing on: ebooks and digital content, library awareness and visibility, diversity and being more collaborative.

For more information, surf around on this site or if you have a specific question, leave it in the comment thread below or
send me an email. I look forward to your questions and comments.