One of the reasons I would love to lead ALA as president is the opportunity to help ALA continue its tradition of service to members, but to also expand the notions of what that means.

Think of it as our value proposition. It starts with asking the right questions, and I want to hear from you.

Value to Members

What’s in this for you as a member? How are you a better librarian, a better employee, a better colleague and a better person through your connection to ALA?

Value of Libraries and Librarians

How do we reframe the attitudes and discussions about libraries and demonstrate return on investment so that we’re not constantly in defensive mode?

How do we lead our libraries to ensure that we are relevant to our communities and customers?

How do we learn and change as librarians to ensure that WE are relevant and that we have the skills and the will to develop and deliver services, collections and programs that best serve library users?

Values of Librarianship

How do we transition from information to transformation?  Isn’t that what we really offer library users?  It’s the opportunity to make a change, big or small, in their lives through their library experiences.

How do we become more inclusive and more tolerant as a profession, when diversity and tolerance are being challenged politically, religiously and socially?

I don’t have all the answers, but I believe that good leaders ask great questions.  I know how to ask really good questions and seek great answers.  And I also believe that all of us are smarter than some of us.  We are educated, intelligent and committed.  We can figure this out together.

I would ask that you give me the chance to lead ALA and work with you to achieve great things for libraries, librarians and the communities we serve.